From my Fuzzy View

So, I’m just a little dog who makes funny videos and occasionally tells stories about things. I’m not even allowed to (legally) vote, so I don’t get all political. I just think humans are doing it all wrong, and should be more like dogs. I’ve made a handy list of the reasons why dogs are better than humans in some ways. Okay, all ways..we’re cuter than you, too but that’s another post.

  1. We don’t physically attack other dogs for having different opinions than we do.
  2. We judge people based only on their actions. If you’re kind to us, we love you. Simple.
  3. We forgive even those who hurt us badly, or consistently. Such is our heart.
  4. We don’t hate other dogs based on their breed. We sniff everyone and give them a chance.
  5. The sassiest dog still shows gratitude, loyalty and love to those who are kind to us.
  6. We never abandon anyone.
  7. We don’t care what you look like, how old you are, how you dress or what you weigh. Your kindness is all we value.
  8. We never tell a lie. Feign innocence, yes, but actually lie? Never.
  9. We don’t feel hate. We just can’t. Our heart was not built for that.
  10. We don’t care what human you choose to love, so long as you show us love.

I’m just a Lhasa Apso, not a philosopher. I don’t have all the answers, but..just saying. You people are doing life all wrong.

My advice no one asked for is to take a moment. Review what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, and if a lot of is negative, is it worth the energy and stress?

In either case, I can only recommend a huge dose of love from your nearest dog or human loved one. Go hug someone today, and pause to feel gratitude that they are there with you.

I heard someone on TV or somewhere say “Life is too short, and death is far too long.”

Take it from someone with a much shorter life than your own. It’s true.


I will hop off my soapbox now and go eat cookies, but I’ll be thinking about you, Humans. I will be hoping you stop tearing into each other like I tear into a new squeaky toy and start showing yourselves and each other a lot more love.


Stay fabulous!



Story Time: I Pooped in the Mall!



…Can we talk? I feel like we can talk. I’ve known you guys for weeks now, so I think it’s okay to tell you about the bad and unfortunate thing that happened to me. So, Mommy and Grandma took me with them to the mall because they needed to stop in just one shop and obviously, you never leave a dog alone in the car.

Seriously. Don’t leave dogs in cars. The weather might kill them and someone might steal them, so just don’t.

Anyway. Mommy carried me because that’s just easiest when you’re trying to rush in really quick and not draw too much attention to the fact that you’re smuggling a dog into a shopping mall. The escalator was fun. Wheee!. Next, I began to whine near some shop that I know for factsies sells cookies that don’t have chocolate in them. Granny Smith’s? Mrs Smiths? The yummy shop, I call it. So, Mommy being the well-trained human she is, sighed yet..paused to buy me some sugar cookies anyway. I’m only allowed a small bit, but she gave me some to buy herself more peace and I ate it.

Then this funny lady in the dress shop Mom stopped into, the..whole reason for being there in the first place, said the worst thing ever. She said “She’s sooo cute! Put her down and let her walk around.” Mommy hesitated, because Mommy is the smart. “Are you sure?” she asked her at least twice. The funny lady persisted…Mom hesitantly let me down onto the floor. The lady pet me, and I sniffed her politely and began strolling around to check out the latest fashion line. I like to keep current with these things as a former boutique owner my own furry self.

Some of it was cute, but I didn’t get to sniff around long, because I heard something. It was a sort of rumbling like an approaching storm, and I was alarmed. I was alarmed because a moment later, I felt something. It was like a hundred humans running for the same fire exit. It was going to happen, and I had no time! I ran toward Mommy, but she didn’t see me right away, and I couldn’t just…so I…had no choice but to..I ran under a clothing rack, and I POOPED!  No. It was more like a Tommy gun went off, because I was still circling to find the right spot when the bomb went off. I shot off the poo in a circular, projectile mess of humiliation.

I ran to Mommy, and as she bent down to pick me up. She knew. I know she knew, because she left poor Grandma just standing there holding a dress and started running. I bounced around dramatically with each hurried step Mommy took. She ran down that escalator so fast I had to close my eyes to keep my life from flashing before them. Next thing I know, we’re huddled behind a wall in the parking garage, and Mommy is frantically texting Grandma. I think it said “OMG Get out! Get out, they’ll see what she did!”.

To me, she said “Sssshh! We’ll go to jail forever!”.

In retrospect, she probably panicked a little bit, but..I pooped at the mall.

You shouldn’t poop at the mall.

Also, Mrs Field’s cookies are delicious.

If you want to see me talk (not about this!). You can find my YouTube Channel here:



I Survived a Puppy Mill!

I was sold like mittens!

I was bought online like a pair of mittens, Guys! Mommy doesn’t like to talk about it because she says her rescue friends would kill her til she died, but they wouldn’t hurt a hair on my cute little butt, so I’ll spill the beans.

Sometimes, when a boy loves a girl, he buys her presents. Everyone loves presents, especially a puppy, but also, some people make puppies in a barn, and that’s bad.

So, one day, he sent Mom to the airport to pick up a package, and surprise! It was meee!

Mommy says this is why I have to be an ambassa..err..she says it’s important we speak up for the puppies.

Do you like my song about rescues?

This is an Outrage!


With my touching story of how I got to this place done, it’s time to get to the ‘portant stuff. As I pound away on this pink, plastic toy computer the neighbor’s kid left on our lawn, the humans are outside dumping some sort of poo on the flowers, so now’s my chance, and I’m takin it like the last cookie.

Speaking of cookies, they hide them! They keep them in the cubby up high, and I am beginning to think it’s on purpose. They know I can’t reach up there. Report them. This cannot stand, and neither can I, or at least not high enough to grab the handles. I bribed my Chihuahua brother Jax to jump as high as he could, and even he could not reach. It’s an outrage, and I’m guessing it’s illegal to conceal cookies, so please send a message to the the the ones who make laws for furry citizens! Tell them this can’t go on. It is both cruel and usual!

Also, if any of you know “Lawyer Dog” from the internets, please have him call me because I’m pretty sure I have a strong case against the company that makes dog beds. I was minding my own little business the other day, and it just exploded. White, fluffy stuff everywhere! I’m probably lucky I didn’t lose my tail. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough, the Grandma human didn’t belieeef me! She scolded me for making a mess and told me I was a “Little booger”. I’m innocent! Innocent! How many more innocent dogs will be framed before the truth is told? There is clearly some major defect that is causing dog beds to spontaneously burst. I’ve seen it all over the Facebooks.

….Jax is interrupting me because he wants to post a message, too. Fine…



Hellloooo Ladiiies! I’m Jax. Super-single and totally neutered. Hit me up on Snapchat if you want to cruise the dog park sometime. Muah!


…..*Sigh*. The vet should check again, cause that boy is out of control. Anyway, I forget what I was ranting about, but it probably had something to do with cookies. I love cookies. Mom says I’m addicted and Grandma called me “porky”, but I don’t care. I love cookies and they love me. My favorite are the pumpkin ones from a special company that delivers my food every month. I forget what it’s called, but I can ask Mom if you want.

Until next ramble, stay faboolous.